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Zackria & Associates, P.C., is a CPA firm committed to providing excellence in fiduciary accounting and tax services.  We serve as a trusted guide for our clients through the maze of estate administration.  We value our relationship with our clients and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the personal attention they deserve.


Our clients include executors and administrators dealing with probate matters, guardians of minors and conservators of incapacitated adults.  Our clients come to us after feeling overwhelmed with the complexities of filing inventories and interim accountings with the Commissioner of Accounts.  They are relieved to find that they can hand over the monthly statements to us, and in return receive an organized, well-documented, ready-to-submit file that they can take over to the Commissioner's office.  We know that we have met our goal when we hear a sigh of relief from our clients as though a huge burden has been lifted from their shoulders.


We understand that when our clients qualify as executors or administrators they have taken on a tremendous responsibility and they are personally liable for all taxes owed by the decedent and the estate.  We have developed a Due Diligence Package to help our clients minimize the risks associated with this position.   We work as a team with our clients to resolve issues ranging from decedent's delinquent tax returns to tax liens on the estate.  With clear facts and knowledge in hand, our clients are confident and assured that the estate is compliant with the tax authorities.


Over the years, we have learned that tax returns are not filed timely for individuals who are unable to make critical decisions for themselves, i.e. the elderly who suffer from dementia or other debilitating diseases.   Resulting tax liens on meager pensions and social security payments can have a devastating impact on the financial health of these individuals.  We work closely with elder law attorneys, financial advisors, social workers and geriatric care managers to ensure that the people they serve can count on us as a resource when it is time to file their annual tax returns.


We are dedicated to bringing peace of mind to our clients during difficult times through personalized professional services.